Are you experiencing pain during penetrative sex? You’re not alone. Many people, regardless of gender, can experience discomfort or pain during intercourse. This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as medical conditions, lack of arousal, or simply not finding the right position. If you’re struggling with painful sex, it’s important to communicate with your partner and explore different positions that may help alleviate the discomfort. Here are five positions to try if penetrative sex is painful.

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Missionary with a Twist

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The classic missionary position can be uncomfortable for some people, especially if there is deep penetration. However, you can modify this position to make it more enjoyable and less painful. Instead of lying flat on your back, try placing a pillow under your hips to elevate them. This can help change the angle of penetration and reduce discomfort. You can also try wrapping your legs around your partner’s waist to control the depth of penetration.

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Sideways Spooning

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Spooning is a popular position for intimate and gentle sex. However, if traditional spooning is causing you pain, try switching to a sideways spooning position. Lie on your side with your partner behind you, and allow them to enter you from behind. This position can be less intense and allow for more control over the depth of penetration, reducing discomfort.

Cowgirl with a Twist

The cowgirl position, where the receiving partner straddles the penetrating partner, can be empowering and pleasurable. However, if you experience pain during this position, try modifying it by leaning forward and resting your weight on your hands or elbows. This can help shift the angle of penetration and reduce discomfort. You can also try grinding or rocking back and forth instead of bouncing up and down, which may be less painful.

Doggy Style with Support

Doggy style is a popular position for deep penetration, but it can also be painful for some people. If you enjoy this position but find it uncomfortable, try using a prop for support. Place a pillow or cushion under your abdomen to lift your hips and change the angle of penetration. This can help alleviate discomfort and make the experience more enjoyable.

Lateral Coital Position

The lateral coital position, also known as the side-by-side position, can be a great alternative for those experiencing pain during penetrative sex. Lie on your side facing your partner, and allow them to enter you from a comfortable angle. This position can be gentle and intimate, allowing for slow and controlled movements to reduce discomfort.

Communication is Key

It’s important to remember that every body is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. If you’re experiencing pain during penetrative sex, it’s crucial to communicate with your partner and explore different positions to find what works best for you. Additionally, seeking guidance from a healthcare professional or a sex therapist can also be beneficial in addressing and managing the discomfort.

In conclusion, painful sex is a common issue that many people face, but it doesn’t have to be a barrier to intimacy. By exploring different positions and communicating with your partner, you can find ways to make penetrative sex more enjoyable and less painful. Remember to listen to your body and prioritize your comfort and pleasure. With patience and open communication, you can find the right positions that work for you and your partner.